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WC - Our websites and side projects. Includes webcomic and art portfolio.

wELCOME cONSUMER - Our joy. Our pain. Our lust. Our confusion. Our project. Our punishment. Webcomic, media content reviews, wallpapers, forum and more. Nothing is off limits.
Lollipoplolita - Toni's myspace page.
urabob's blog - Bob's myspace page.
flickr - Collection of our photos.
YouTube - Collection of our videos. - Bob is the other half of the WC duo. Here, you can find his online portfolio and resume. Ever changing but always restrained by time. Bob is truly an amazing artist, treat yourself to his works.
Deviant Art - This seems to be a good place to network and meet fellow artists. The upload method is a pain, so this is not very current. But give it a look anyway and feel free to leave a comment.

Amigos - Our friends, family, fellow cel collectors and general weirdos. We love 'em!

Gecko Blue Cels - Tex-chan! This lady is so dang nice to everyone! She's so thoughtful and sends me random emails which I adore. Several of my screencaps were provided by her. Thanks!
GR: The Art Collection - evilgordo is the GR expert. His gallery design is one of the most unique I've ever seen. He's a knowledgeable guy who's great to talk to. It's nice to see so much dedication to an under appreciated anime.
Eddie's Case Closed Cels - Eddie is someone I really like. He's artistic, kind and fun to converse with. He has some great Detective Conan cels and now he's into GR! How wonderful! I always look forward to his blogs and updates.
Sugarflower's Cels - Kris is an incredibly thoughtful and sweet person. Aside from marvelous Dragon Quest and Mikan Enikki cels, Kris has the largest collection of Mahoujin Guru Guru cels online.
Graymouser - A collection, elegant in its range and variety. Demon women and unicorns are just some of the things you'll find in this fantastic gallery. I was lucky enough to receive a freebie from Graymouser. Thank you so much!
Vapalla's Cels - Vapalla is another person I adore very much. She's incredibly kind, thoughtful and a pleasure to converse with. Her collection is gigantic and houses some of the cutest cels you'll ever see.
Shellie's Cels - Shell-belle is one of the nicest, sweetest people I know. I enjoy our random conversations and she has the most stunning collection of G Gundam cels around. She's one of the highlights of the cel community.
Sajora's Zetsuai Cel Gallery - A simply spectacular collection of cels from the yaoi anime series Zetsuai. This gallery is just amazing in terms of design and quality. Sajora is such an extraordinary person.
Kizuna Cel Gallery - Fantastic collection of cels from the yaoi anime series Kizuna.
KageNeko's Cels - Awesome collection of cels. I'm jealous because she gets to travel the world.
Ginga's Anime Galactica - "Making bold beautiful." Another great SM collector. Jen-kun has a great sense of humor and a lovely cel gallery. She's tons of fun in the chatroom as well.
Drax's Ghost Quarry - Drax has a top-notch collection, from series including Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne and Berserk. He's also as sweet as cherry pie! Drax is a great person to talk to in the chatroom.
Drakonia's Cel Lair - Kristy has a fabulous collection of cels from various series. Her CLAMP collection is among the best there is. Definitely worth checking out.
Confused Moogle's Pom Pom Gallery - Such variety! An adorable site with a Moogle theme. Many wonderful cels from lots of different series. Karina is the sweetest girl you'll meet. Check out her gallery!
Caroline's Unicorn Gallery - Caroline is an artist with a flare for fashion. Her site is gorgeous, featuring an amazing collection of The Last Unicorn cels. She's such a great person too.
Krafty's BlueBlade - James is one of my British boys, hehe! He has an eye for fine art and his gallery reflects that. From the stylish graphics to the insightful descriptions, Krafty's collection has range and depth for days.
Rob's DROT - Robbie is a weird guy that watches too much bad TV. He's seen more movies than most folks and has a cat. I like his name and he told me a blonde joke. Keen!
HotIce's Puddle - Laura has to be the nicest person I've met on RS! No, the world! XD She always listens and is there for me. Meeting her in the cel community was very wonderful! =) She's a cool collector and an even better friend <3
SME's Cels - SME is my crazy friend, she's like a sister <3 She listens to me rant and always makes me laugh. I love her to death. Christina is wicked cool, really confident and amazingly smart. *stab of love* Oh, did I forget to mention that she's also my bodyguard? O_O
Painted Plastik - Indy is a fairly laconic fellow but he quickly became one of my best friends. Secret agent boat knows how to keep a secret.
Stargazer's Delight - NurseNikki has a healthy obsession with Ah! My Goddess. Wonderful gallery and lovely collection.
GB's Wandering Student - Lemar, what can I say about this guy? He is perhaps one of the nicest people on earth. He listens to everything I say and helps me out constantly. Thanks for looking out for me. Murasame is my favorite cel now <3 Mar is a great friend and an even better human being.
Mokman's Macross Cels - Ken darling! He is who I consider to be the primo expert in all things Macross/Robotech. One of my original cel-husbands and he sent me 2 fruitcakes! *_*
Ronin's Cel Gallery - Eeee! Another dreamy British boy for me to fawn over. This guy is such a sweet heart, so funny and charming too! His cels kick ass and his gallery layout is top-notch. Truly, he's an artist. =)
Butterfly's Eternal Wings - Some amazing Tuxedo Mask and Cool World cels here. She's a real doll, stop drinking tho! Congrats on graduation and the wedding.
Katana's Edge - Kata is a really wonderful German chicklet with a naughty side that she tries to hide. Haha! She's super sweet and sells me awesome cels.
RalphVboy's Cel Paradise - Ralphy! He lives so damned close and yet we've never met. T-T He's such a sweet guy with a wonderful sense of humor.
Kett's Stuck in the 80s - The name says it all. The best collection of 80s cels on RS.
Gabriel's Cels - The epoch of Battle Athletes cels! This guy almost has the entire show. :)
Fetish's Cel Gallery - Luann/Marie is a lovely lady I don't get to see much anymore. She has the best hentai collection and the coolest husband =)
Spaded's Place - Nor Sir Phobos' domain. What can I say about Ryan? He's such a sweet guy and he's always putting his foot in his mouth. Truly a big hearted person.

Resources - General resource and information sites.

Anicyo - Japanese auction site


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