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Cammy White
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Added 7/30/2007
Updated 7/12/2014
Cammy's last name (White) was created for this movie. First appearing in the Super Street Fighter II video game, Cammy is the second female character to be introduced to the SF roster. Known as codename "Killer Bee," Cammy was a young English girl that was kidnapped by Shadoloo to be a deadly assassin for M. Bison.

In the SF animated movie, Cammy is dressed in her Delta Red gear but is a mindless Shadoloo Doll. This correlates with the anime movie plot but is anachronistic of the game series. In SF Alpha, Cammy is dressed quite differently (teal turtle neck leotard), since she is under Bison's psycho control. The signature red coat from this scene made its way into the video game series as a pre-round animation.

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