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Belldandy Fan Cel
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Added 12/6/2006
Updated 7/28/2011
Keiichi Morisato, a hapless and girlfriendless college student, accidentally dials the Goddess Relief Office in an effort to order dinner. As a result, the goddess Belldandy visits Keiichi to grant him a wish. Convinced that the whole incident is a prank played on him by his Senpais, Keiichi half-jokingly wishes her to stay with him forever: "I want a goddess like you to be by my side forever." The heavenly computer Yggdrasil grants Keiichi's wish and now the girlfriendless Keiichi is bound by a heavenly contract to have a Goddess by his side forever.

Belldandy is unflinchingly kind, patient, and warm, not only to Keiichi but to everyone, without exception. However, this does not mean that she is to be taken lightly; Belldandy is licensed as a goddess first-class, unlimited, and as such is highly skilled. Her power is so great, in fact, that she is required to wear a special earring on her left ear which constantly seals the full brunt of her magical strength. The only time at which she has ever revealed her true strength is during the Lord of Terror arc.

There is another side to Belldandy's personality which she tries to keep hidden. Belldandy is a very jealous and possessive woman, and will go through great lengths to ensure that what's hers belongs to her, especially when regarding to Keiichi. She will not give up Keiichi for anyone or anything, as demonstrated several times in the manga. The first major development of this side of her is when Shiho was about to steal Keiichi away, and Belldandy's infamous jealousy storms took over her better judgement.

The second major development is the Hand in Hand story, where a drunken Belldandy is going around granting wishes. When a person attempts to seduce her, Belldandy responds "If I had a choice between saving the world and Keiichi, I'd save Keiichi."

Recently, in the Gate arc, Belldandy makes it very clear how possessive of Keiichi she is. When Gate insisted that Keiichi kiss her, Belldandy did not allow it. "When it comes to Keiichi, I am not so generous." This is even illustrated in Volume 22 of the Hild arc. Belldandy is very straightforward to Hild that she will not share Keiichi.

Belldandy's capacities and talents are diverse, whether magical or worldly. Not only can she change the appearance of her clothing and levitate (and, by extension, fly) as all full-fledged goddesses are expected to, but she can also teleport through mirrors, speak to and understand animals, "see" people's emotions as auras, heal minor wounds by speeding metabolism, and "speaking" to machines. Furthermore, she is a superb cook, and her singing skills are held to be the best in the heavens.

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