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Source: OVA
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Added 11/22/2006
Updated 11/22/2006
From episode 7, Daisaku Kusama continues to steer Giant Robo even though he's badly damaged. The spirit of Dr. Kusama has cheered on Daisaku, encouraging him to never give up. Together, Daisaku and Robo must overcome Genya to save the world. Like many GR close-ups, this cel is only one layer, painted from edge to edge.

Giant Robo (Tetsu Koujin) the Animation, based on Yokoyama Mitsuteru’s manga (the creator of Tetsujin 28 Gou and Babel the Second). One of three robots created by Daisaku's father, Dr. Kusama, as part of the B.F. Organization's mysterious "GR Project". It has the mightiest combat capabilities for terrestrial combat. It only obeys the words of its voice-registered commander, but its form when confronting enemies and displaying its immense latent power should perhaps be referred to as the Steel "God of Destruction." GR is the nuclear powered saviour of the world under the threat of the endless night.

10 years ago Dr. Shizuma and his colleagues invented the Shizuma drive which is a revolutionizing new form of renewable and recyclable energy. Though they had to pay a heavy price for their success in a catastrophic accident that the world only wants to forget about. However, all is not well as the secret organization Big Fire is hell-bent on taking over the world. They have obtained two of three mysterious Shizuma drive samples with an unknown function, which are an integral part of their world domination plans. The third sample has however been stolen by Dr. Shizuma who during his escape is saved by Daisaku, Giant Robo and the Experts of Justice. Then a desperate struggle begins between the Experts of Justice and Big Fire for the control of the last sample as Big Fire unleashes their mightiest weapon, the Eye of Volger, upon the unsuspecting world. Soon everything points towards the hidden truth behind the accident 10 years ago as the starting point of everything.

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