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Dr. Kusama
Source: OVA
Layers: 1
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Added 6/5/2006
Updated 11/23/2006
This cel is from one of my favorite sequences. Dr. Kusama appears twice in the series but only one scene features a decent shot of Professor Kusama, and this is it! In the final episode, Daisaku imagines his father, encouraging him to fight on and never give up. This occurs inside Robo's half destroyed face. Daisaku stands up, wraps Robo's cables around his arms and takes command. Together, they defeat the Eye of Folger.

Daisaku's father was originally director of the Weapons Division of the International Police Organization. But due to the vehemence of his wish to answer his dying wife's last words, "Can happiness be obtained without sacrifice? Can time pass without sorrow?", he decided to cooperate with the B.F. Organization's "GR Project."

He is the creator of GR-1, a nuclear powered steel giant. Robo responds only to whomever activates the voice controlled wrist watch Dr. Kusama has designed. Deep in his heart, he knows the B.F. Organization is not what they appear to be. Fearing Robo will fall into evil hands, Dr. Kusama gives the wrist watch to his son, young Daisaku.

The Dazzling Cervantes of the Magnificent 10 was in charge of watching over Dr. Kusama during the "Birth" operation. Ultimately, Kusama defected and was mortally wounded in front of Daisaku. Fueled with the desire to topple the organization who killed his parents, and to discover the answer to the question posed by the Kusama family, Daisaku will accept a heavy burden.

Dr. Kusama received the scar over his left eye during an experiment prior to the GR project. Some say he is actually Zangetsu the Midday. But this is false. However, Zangetsu has ties to the International Police Organization...

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