Giant Robo

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Issei, Koushin, Kaei
Source: OVA
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Added 4/12/2006
Updated 10/2/2006
Issei Doujin the Monk, Koushin and Kaei the master bowman. In the final episode of Giant Robo, Gin Rei teleports the entire base, including the Eye of Folger and everyone else to St. Abey. She teleports inside of the eye to confront her brother, Genya. Knowing the Eye is weak, the Experts of Justice and the International Police Organization (IPO) staff scramble to launch an attack. However, Daisaku refuses to command Giant Robo because GinRei is still inside. Koushin slaps Daisaku to the ground, yelling at him for being a child. He threatens to cut out Daisaku's larynx and blow through it till the watch responds and Giant Robo obeys him (as he is voice activated). Issei and Kaei restrain Koushin from unsheathing his sword against Daisaku.

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