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Apologies Pan Cel
Source: OVA
Layers: 3
No sketches available
Standard size

End Cel
No Background

Added 3/28/2006
Updated 4/26/2006
Oversized vertical pan cel of Emanuel von Volger embracing the lifeless corpse of his younger sister Falmelle von Folger.

In the final episode of Giant Robo, Gin Rei has the attaché case containing the 3rd anti-Shizuma drive. After teleporting everything, including the Eye of Folger, to Ryouzanpaku, Gin Rei's body begins to disappear. All that currently remains is a disembodied torso. However, she has not passed away just yet. Gin Rei clings to life and the attaché.

Her older brother, Genya, believes that Gin Rei finally understands his plans. He sees the attaché and believes Gin Rei is bringing it in order to complete the mission. But he is mistaken. There is a final, emotional struggle between the siblings. Genya is out of his mind and Gin Rei is rapidly fading away. She threatens to destroy the anti-Shizuma drive, holding it over her head, ready to smash it into a million pieces when BANG!

A gun shot.

Genya has shot his younger sister in the head. Her single earring bounces away; she is now a lifeless torso, with blank and hollow eyes.

Genya snatches up the anti-Shizuma drive and installs it along side the other two. It is done. Dr. Folger's "Beautiful Night" is now realized. A pre-recorded message plays, addressed to Genya from his father. Apparently there was an error. Dr. Shizuma revealed the energy drive prematurely to the waiting world. However, there was a 2% error, producing a toxin which would build up over 10 years and eventually destroy all oxygen molecules on earth. Knowing this, Dr. Franken Von Folger produced an anti-Shizuma drive to counteract this effect and correct all of the Shizuma drives all over the world.

Genya, mistaking his fathers final words, believed his plot was for revenge. Dr. Volger assumed responsibility for the tragedy of Bashtarel, which destroyed 1/3 of the world's population. He knew that Dr. Shizuma would have lost funding for the energy source project otherwise.

And finally, Dr. Folger tells his son that he is sorry for their adnormal lives. His final wish? That Genya look after his younger sister and ensure her happiness. This pan cel is when Genya apologizes for everything he has done and misunderstood.

Epilogue: Genya teleports the Eye into space. After the credits roll, there is a final shot of Earth from space. There is a real time conversation shared between the siblings:

Gin Rei: "Look at all the twinkling lights coming on."
Genya: "Thank god. Thank god."

Earlier, Murasame the Immortal mingled powers with Gin Rei, affording her the ability to come back to life. There is redemption. They are reunited and can start over from here.

And that is the conclusion of Giant Robo.

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