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Added 2/10/2006
This is a model cel produced for the animated movie Anastasia from Fox Studios. Originally, Don Bluth insisted the movie be produced with traditional cel animation, so several of these model cels were created. As you can see, the art style and tone of the movie was quite different than the final version, which featured digital coloring.

In the early 1900s, an evil monk named Rasputan placed a curse on Czar Nicholas Romanov II and his family. In the chaos, both Rasputan and Nicholas are killed. Every member of the Romanov family was executed that night except for the Grand Duchess and Nicholas' daughter Anastasia, thanks to the help of a servant boy. Anastasia was separated from her grandmother and no one knew what happened to her.

Years later, the Duchess offers an award to anyone who can locate her missing grand daughter. The former servant boy, named Dimitri, has since become a con artist. Along with his partner-in-crime Vladimir, Demitri holds auditions for girls who could play the role of the missing Anastasia. During which, they meet an orphan girl named Anya. With some convincing, the three decide to visit the Duchess. But... Demitri begins to wonder, could Anya be the real Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov?

However, Rasputin refuses to remain dead and will not stop till his curse is fulfilled -- All members of the Romanov family must die!

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