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Source: OVA
Layers: 1
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Opening Cel

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Added 1/5/2006
Updated 6/14/2013
According to her official biography, Rose was born in Italy, with no year or date specified (possibly the late 1950s). She stands 178cm and weighs 54kg. Her blood type is unknown. She's skilled at reading tarot cards. She enjoys drinking sherry and bathing. She hates UV rays and waking up early.

Born in Genoa, Italy, Rose is a woman with a separate body and mind, but share the same soul with M. Bison. To master Psycho Power, Bison had to expel the goodness from his soul, which formed into her. Like Bison she has powerful energy that aids her in battle, this energy is called "Soul Power." In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Rose sensed that Doomsday was approaching, and knew a person of great evil was causing it. She vowed to seal Bison's "Psycho Power" away even with her own life at stake. She does find and battle Bison and wins, thinking she has rid the world of him for good. Unfortunately, by reading her tarot cards she discovers Bison is still alive.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3 she faces Bison once again and finds out that she and Bison share the same soul. Bison outmatches her as he takes total control of her body. There she lay unconscious where Guy (who she meets earlier on when he goes after Shadoloo) finds her. When Bison is killed by Charlie (who sacrificed his own life in the process), Bison's soul went to his new host, Rose.

Bison stayed in and controlled Rose's body until a new, albeit weaker, body was made for him during the time of Street Fighter II. When Akuma kills Bison during the second World Warrior tournament, it is assumed that Rose's soul went to Hell along with Bison.

Trivia: Rose is based on Lisa Lisa from the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. She can be seen in the London stage in Capcom vs. SNK 2 and in the Showdown in the Park stage in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Rose appears in the Street Fighter Alpha anime and is the focus of an entire episode (The Flame and the Rose) of the Street Fighter cartoon.

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