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Jezmine and Conan
Source: TV
Layers: 2
No sketches available
Standard size
Opening Cel

Original Unmatching Background

Added 1/2/2006
Updated 1/23/2012
Jezmine is an agile circus performer who possesses a set of throwing stars made from the special metal capable of destroying the serpant men, enchanted by a potion which allows them to return to her armband. She was probably loosely based on Valeria

Sunbow 1992. The Hyborian Age: A time of wizards, warriors and kings. From this time of fantasy and magic comes Conan. He is a warrior, an adventurer, a conquerer, a hero and a legend. In tune with the natural world and constantly alert, Conan's natural strength overcomes the most dangerous situations he faces. He lives by a chivalrous code that values loyalty, honesty and fairness. Naïve in the ways of the world, but filled with boundless energy and youthful enthusiasm, Conan's fabulous quest takes him from untamed hills to trackless jungles to impassable mountains, freezing glaciers to rushing rivers. He encounters scheming sorcerers, treacherous snake men and marvelous winged creatures. He befriends powerful warriors and seafaring pirates. Conan is a man of action – direct, blunt, fearless and ever willing to fight for good. His phenomenal strength and courage can conquer any enemy.

The first animated series, also called "Conan: the Adventurer" (1992), involved Conan chasing the serpent men across the world in an attempt to release his parents from eternal torture as living statues. It is a typical example of the action-adventure cartoon genre of the time. It should be noted that "Wrath-Amon" is possibly Thoth-Amon renamed and remodeled from the comics.

The fact is Conan: The Adventurer was loosely based from the novels. Instead of a Conan who is bloody, a womanizer, thief and so on, he's much more like He-Man: a kind and caring character. An honest fellow who went to fight against the sorcerer Wrath-Amon (loosely based on Thoth-Amon) to free his parents from the torture of living as statues though they were killed in the original story line.

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