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Gin Rei the Silver Bell
Source: OVA
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Added 12/30/2005
Updated 10/2/2006
Gin Rei in one of her many costume changes. The signature white Chinese dress with red rose accent. This particular dress was the subject of many jokes in the Gin Rei Special OAVs (all of the Experts of Justice had to wear it). Gin Rei is a beautiful, strong young woman who is like a sister to everyone.

The pleasant smile of Falmelle von Volger. Gin Rei ("Silver Bell") is one of the three female characters in the anime and an Expert of Justice with the ability to teleport herself and mass objects within a certain radius. The power is a terrible burden on her body and spirit. She is the daughter of Dr. Franken von Volger, the inventor of a revolutionary clean energy source that is unpredictably unstable. Gin Rei is also the estranged younger sister of Emanuel von Volger. Genya uses the Big Fire Organization and the members of the Magnificent 10 as a means to obtain the three attaché cases. His goal is to usher in the "Beautiful Night" while Gin Rei seeks to stop him. Genya also possesses teleportation powers. In the final episode, it is revealed that Inspector Kenji Murasame the Immortal is Gin Rei's lover. They briefly exchange powers and vows in the concluding episode. Gin Rei is thought to have died, but does not because of Murasame's immortality powers. Murasame is thought to have died but he boldly declares, "I will always come back."

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