Giant Robo

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Daisaku Kusama
Source: OVA
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Added 12/24/2005
Updated 10/2/2006
Daisaku, whose name means "great work", is a boy who became fated to fight against the B.F. Organization after being voice registered as the controller of the world's mightiest robot weapon, Giant Robo. Dr. Kusama and his wife, Daisaku's parents, were killed by Big Fire agents while ensuring the escape of their son. An ordinary adolescent would be overwhelmed with suffering due to the pain of being all alone in the world. However, realizing that many people had been sacrificed to protect him and G. Robo, Daisaku is a stolid boy who will not make his feelings public and do things to cause trouble for the people around him. What experiences will he have from now on and how will he grow up?... That is the theme of "Giant Robo".

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