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Source: TV
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Added 10/27/2005
Updated 4/6/2014
Cyclops, Scott Summers, often nicknamed Slim, is the long standing leader of the X-Men. He grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and lost his parents in a plane crash (it was attacked by an alien Shi'ar spaceship). He was separated from his brother Alex and grew up in orphanages. Eventually, he meets Charles Xavier and marries Marvel Girl Jean Grey (later known as Phoenix).

Cyclops is a mutant, possessing the power to project beams of pure solar energy from his eyes. Contrary to common assumption, no heat is involved. Due to an airplane crash and an injury suffered in his early years, these beams are always "on", and can only be blocked by either closing his eyes or by a barrier of ruby quartz. The solar power of the beam is drawn from the rays of the sun. Cyclops' cells are constantly absorbing the solar energy and transferring it to his eyes, which is why he is immune to the effects of his own powers. He is also immune to his brother Alex's (Havok) discharged plasma waves, which are created from absorbed cosmic rays.

Cyclops also possesses a superhuman sense of spatial awareness, which enables him to pull off often quite absurd trick shots with his optic blasts, such as ricocheting a single shot to destroy half-a-dozen separate targets. This sense also makes him a dynamite pool hustler, and enables him to engage in hand-to-hand combat with his eyes shut.

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