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Taiso Semenjyu
Source: OVA
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Added 10/23/2005
Updated 11/4/2006
Taiso Semenjyu (Taisou Shinkou) the Spiritual Buddhist ("Godly Walker"). From Suikouden. Considered to be the level-headed older brother of the Big Nine or Kyuu Dai Tennou ("Nine Great Kings of Heaven") and sort of father-figure to Daisaku. He is able to generate an electrical force in his body. Due to the zealous efforts of Taisou and Chief Chuujou, the Peking Branch of the Experts of Justice (located closest to Ryouzanpaku) is freely able to oppose the B.F. Organization.

Taisou both defeated the Dazzling Cervantes and stole the right eye of the Lord Shocking Alberto during the "Domino Operation." This occured shortly after Dr. Kusama's defection from Big Fire. It is also during this mission that Taisou meets Yoshi of the Blue Face and they become married.

Taisou is among three powerful Experts of Justice who were eligible to become a member of the Big Nine. Shou Kikou Kaei, prefering action, and Shin Sanzan Koushin, prefering ingenius plans, were the other members. Matching Taisou in strength, an anecdote lingers that the two of them held fast to their beliefs even unto death and declined, leaving Taisou no choice but to accept the position.

Taisou's relationship with Alberto is one of rivalry but great honor and respect. They often duel throughout the series, but when Taisou sacrifices himself for his friends, it causes Alberto to seriously reconsider the point of his own actions.

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