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The Demon of Confusion
Source: OVA
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Added 7/31/2005
Updated 11/23/2006
Literally, Hanzui Konsei Maou would be called the Demon of Confusion, but the translators went with The Evil Messiah. The best student of senjutsu under Rashinjin-sensei of Jiizan. In short, he is like one of Kusonshou's (that is, Issei Doujin's) siblings, but breaking the restriction he left the mountain, and because of his participation in the
B.F. Organization has been pronounced anathema. He is the person that Issei Doujin was sent to pursue, but in terms of both ability and nerve Hanzui is far, far more powerful. Of course, his greatest strength is senjutsu. However, he has acquired various other abilities besides, and has gained even more in power. Indeed, he could be called the paragon of the Magnificent Ten.

One scene that was produced in storyboards but was ultimately cut from the GR anime involved a scene where Hanzui calls out Chuujou's name while watching the monitor during Chuujou's clash with the Eye of Volger, along with the line "The man who made the only scar on my body". You see, the two of them had a fight once while Hanzui was a student at Jiizan. In those days, Chuujou was already traveling throughout the world recruiting members for the International Police Organization, and happened to be nearby Jiizan. He charged in upon receiving an alert that the B.F. Organization was attempting to recruit Hanzui. A fight broke out but each man held his own.

"Senjutsu" are the powers ascribed to a class of hermits who relinquish all ties to society and pursue spiritual purity. Such powers include long
life, scrying, and various feats of aesciticism.

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