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Inspector Kenji Murasame
Source: OVA
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Added 7/15/2005
Updated 11/4/2006
Inspector Kenji Murasame the Immortal. The infamous Inspector who wears a pink trenchcoat, fedora and even pink socks! (you can see them in Episode 1). Here, Kenji removes the white bandages from his face, reassuring everyone that he is still handsome. *_*

Kenji is an Expert of Justice with the power of Immortality. He can never die. Kenji becomes what Daisaku sees as an "adult", in opposition to Tetsugyuu the Black Whirlwind. In the final episode of Giant Robo, it is revealed that Inspector Kenji Murasame the Immortal is Gin Rei's lover. They briefly exchange powers and vows in the final episode. Gin Rei is thought to have died, but does not because of Murasame's immortality powers. Murasame is thought to have died but he boldly declares, "I will always come back." Gin Rei's powers of Teleportation may have played a part in Kenji's survival as well.

Kenji wishes he could've pushed everyone away. His power of immortality ensures that he will survive long after all of his friends and loved ones have died. He typically works solo but has developed a strong bond with Daisaku. And of course, with Gin Rei.

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