Giant Robo

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Genya Triumphant
Source: OVA
Layers: 4
Sketches: 2
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Added 6/2/2005
Updated 10/2/2006
Emanuel von Folger, the eldest child and only son of Dr. Franken von Folger. Misunderstanding the true intentions of his father, Genya acts out as an egotistical misanthrope. What is the Beautiful Night? Dr. Volger's drive was not ready for mass production, there was a flaw. But no one listened. Instead, Dr. Shizuma introduced the world to the volatile "Shizuma Drive," taking credit for Dr. Volger's invention. To counteract the dangerous effects of the Shizuma Drive, Volger created the Monster Eye. What is its true purpose? What will happen to the world after it has been unleashed by Genya? Giant Robo is probably one of the more sadistic animes, so many tragedies are founded on a gross misunderstanding.

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