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Rain Mikamura - End 2
Source: TV
Layers: 4
No sketches available
Standard size
Ending Cel

Original Matching Background

Added 5/28/2005
Updated 7/30/2013
The ending credit sequence from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, featuring a looping cycle of Rain Mikamura. This is a beautiful dream cel I had on my wishlist. The sequence is amazing, the camera perpetually zooms in on her earring where another Rain appears. There is a snowy look with some amazing lighting and optical effects, hence the green paint. Absolutely perfect.

Rain is the partner, doctor, mechanic, sometimes fellow fighter and eventual lover of her childhood friend Domon Kasshu. Rain is a brilliant, skillful woman with a lot of patience and a jealous heart. She's perhaps one of the best role models out there. I love her.

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