Legend of Zelda

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Pleasant Embrace
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Added 4/4/2005
Updated 10/2/2006
Our first Zelda cel. From the old The Legend of Zelda cartoon series, which ran on Fridays during the Super Mario Super Show. A rare, pleasant moment between Princess Zelda and the brunette Link. Sadly, they never kiss throughout the entire series, despite many close calls. Ganon was protrayed as a Pig-man sorcerer and Zelda wore pants. So many inaccuracies. So far, this is as close as we have gotten to an animated Legend of Zelda. Well okay, there was that god awful Philips CDI game, but we are trying to forget that. To those of you who would snub this piece of gaming /animation history we say: "Well, excuuuse me."

The Legend of Zelda was made into an animated cartoon as a "show within a show" in the semi-live-action Super Mario Bros. Super Show TV series produced by DiC. The animated Zelda shorts were aired each Friday instead of the usual Super Mario Bros. cartoon that aired during the rest of the week. The series loosely followed the NES Zelda games, mixing settings and characters from those games with original creations. Due to the Super Show's syndicated nature, only 13 animated Zelda shorts were featured within the show's entire 65-episode run. In this version of the Legend, Link and Zelda battled Ganon on a daily basis while keeping Hyrule safe.

Although the series was created to attract fans of the games, like many Nintendo spin-offs it was poorly received by its intended audience, perhaps due to its simplistic plotlines and shallow characters. Link, in particular, is portrayed as a rude, lovesick teenager, contrary to the quiet presence displayed by his game character.

After the cancellation of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the DiC incarnations of Link and Zelda appeared in various episodes of Captain N: The Game Master during the second season of the show, where they helped Captain N and his friends fight the evil Mother Brain.

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